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Alex Jordahl lyrics


Feat. Steezefield

Yeah, man, I wake up to a dream
Thankful for everything that God has overseen
And I pray my plans work so I can see my people eat
Notice journeys spin world, but thanks to all that I believe
Also, those who have invested
To all my recent friendships
We don't fuss(?), to all these numbers they project
Numbers lie anyway, our fans from overseas
I may not be shit for you, but don't deny what I've achieved
From these sold-out shows to a shit ton of views
This is all I ever had so what the fuck I got to loose?
School is not for everyone, I'm living breathing proof
But these kids need a hero and all I speak the truth
So what (???) throwing dirt up on my name
Now my rap sheet clean, still I'm quick to put the stain
And I wake up in the mornin' doing things they say I couldn't
If you were planed to take the bus, then find out rap is what I'm good at

I got these voices in my head,
Saying that you gotta do it
So get down on me for my music man
Tell him that I work too hard
Man, I think too far

It's been a year or two and now they finally catching on
These kids need a little hope, I'm who they call upon
All I want to do is motivate my generation
To spread a lil' bit of love and help us strive for greatness
Originality's the key that's gonna open doors
I turn my dreams into reality, so follow yours
It takes a minute, best believe it, but they come around
I came from nothing in this game, but look at me now!
A cuffed a tape shit on the web and now I got attention
And on that list of newcomers I'm the name they mention
I told my grandpa before he pass "I think I'm on to smth"
He told me if this what I want, then I should stop at nothing
Tony taught me that the world is really for the taking
My mom is told me that this life is really what you make it
I made it here, ain't no way I'll ever turn back