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Amel Larrieux lyrics


Whenever you awake and find your inner light is gray
May I suggest a simple remedy to make your day
Open up your windows and then open wide your eyes
Let you vision feast upon a golden yellow sunrise
You might be aching 'cause the one you love is far away
Thinking it's impossible to make it through another day

You can feel better take it from me
Just look at the colors of the fall and autumn leaves
Let them put you at ease
As long as we have the weather
The dark skies will bind us and send the clear day to remind us
As long as we have the weather
The sunlight will guide us and the rainbows will surely find us

God created changing seasons not in vain
The beauty of the weather's here for sum distraction from our pain
Let the warm summers night romance you, let a winter snow fall entrance you
You don't have to pay nothing to take in the view
Let the winter winds blow your pain away
Let the blue skies be your secret get-away
I got the anecdote to keep you cool
You should loosen up because nature has no rules