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Ancient Ceremony lyrics

Bride's Ghostly Grace

"Where Love is denied
fatal Passion may shine bright"
Like to me in this destinuous Night

Visions granted by the Sphere of Dreams
Unearthly Desire
Whilst entering the Castle Halls
Magnificent Whisper welcomes me
As Bride's ghostly Grace is unveiled
the Courtain of my Tragedy opens

Sweet Choirs like the Tunes of Paradise
She spreads Bewitchment with Her magenta Eyes
and Darkside Kisses poison me
Oh Eternity, I long for Thy Caress
Speak to me in golden Tongue

"My Love once was denied
now Thee all feel my Hate and Pride"
for I seduce and kill with Delight

Ethereal Embrace
my Tears are Diamonds to Her
This lovelost Spirit dines on my Soul
Now dance with me like dead Leaves in Autumn-Wind
I adrift... the cold Arms of Death await
Now dance with me like the Stars around the Moon
Bride's ghostly Grace

"Where Love was denied
Thousands for their Lifes have cried"
as She haunts without Mercy the Night