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Choppa lyrics

Holla At Me

[Hook - 4x]
Holla at me (holla at me), holla at me (holla at me)
Holla at me (holla at me), holla back at your boy

Niggaz cash your checks, niggaz pop your X
Niggaz fuck the club, pass while you in your Vette
Niggaz fuck a hoe, cause you can't trust a hoe
Soon as she start tripping whoadie, get another hoe
Don't play no games boy, you know my name boy
Don't think cause this the New No Limit, we didn't change boy
We still will fuck you up, we still will hustle up
We still will put the drinks down, and we can knuckle up
I got a rowdy click, we do some rowdy shit
And plus I'm with the man, who created the Bout It shit
I'm from that 5-0-4, I let a top bitch know
I represent it to the finish, I ain't gon die no hoe
And my city keep it sizzling, so that fire I blow
Might catch a contact, if I drive by slow
With a tight grip, hand on the wheel of my tight whip
See me at the second line, and all them girls like this

[Hook - 4x]

Holla pop your collar at me, playa throw a model at me
Thought you knew but now you know, I'm coming from that 5-0-4
Representing for that Boot, where we ain't afraid to shoot
Murder rate be sky high, and plus them boys be jacking too
Plus I'm from that Dirty South, where we put them birdies out
On the grind never sleep, plus we got a dirty mouth
But I was patient, and I was focused
And I was hungry, and look
Now that's why I stack money, like pancakes
Do shows and receive love, from my fan base
Now maybe it's the Jag, or maybe it's the grill
Naw, it's the seven figga million dollar deal

[Hook - 4x]

Niggaz know what's happening, when the dog swing through
With them 21 inch Giovanni's, under the coupe
I don't need, no introduction
All I need is a pen and a pad, and some nice production
I'm paid, so you know I'ma flaunt it
I do my cars, like supreme pizza I put everything on it
Cadillac truck, with them, spinning thangs on it
Curren$y flow hot, I bet anything on it
You dudes can't do, nothing with me
I spit sick, like a mosquito that had that West Nile bit me
Y'all dudes already know, how we do
And the whip surely ain't mine, if the windows see through

[Hook - 4x]