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Cobra Skulls lyrics

On & On

On and on and on
How can we keep holding on?
On and on and on

It's never been so close before
Never been so close and yet so far away
It's right there in front of me
I know it's sitting right there in front of you
But it's out of reach and it's always gonna be
Some say give it up and let it go
Is it dragging you down like your romantic soul?
Some say give it up and let it go
But I can't let go
So what if I don't wanna hold on any longer?
Just cause it doesn't kill us doesn't make us stronger
Wanna believe that you're a lover not a fighter
Don't tell me it gets darkest before it's gotta get lighter

We gotta get communicating
We're not meant to be so separated
We gotta fight for what we want
But I don't wanna have to fight to a bloody end
So don't fight me my friend

No one said that it was gonna be easy
No one told you it would come for free
Only liars promise the truth
We don't need them to be
We believe
Don't we believe

It doesn't make us stronger
Tell me you're not a fighter