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Crowned King lyrics

Lock Out

The ballot's cast, the votes are in
Our workers slave so we can sin
Take advantage while you can
So think about it, the life I take for granted
And everyday I tend to whine about it.
I'm confused and amused, must I choose?
What should I do?

I feel tied down, I feel locked out
I see you struggle, but what;s this issue really about
Should we tempt fate, and try to change things before we die

It's cold and I wonder if we'll make it through the night
Though the world keeps spinning while we cower in our fright
So I think about it, I think of ways to try
A boy is shot downtown and
No one cares if he dies
Do we care or do we lie

But I do, I do care, but why, I'm scared, to think, of what I've become
And what this is all about
I feel locked out

I take a look outside, I see the protesters march and cry
I don't know why they bother, failing when they try
but attitudes like mine, only worsen times
I'm full of negative thoughts, I'm full of negative rhymes these are my negative lines