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The Clark Sisters lyrics

Looking To Get There (Heaven)

I'm on a mission
Gotta keep on pressing
Gotta keep on moving
Until I get there
Ooh until I get there
This life I'm living
In Christ its been fulfilling
Even tho clouds I'm my way
Can't see the light if day
Until I get there
Made up in my mind
Determined to get there

Oh what a day it will be
Savior face I'll see
Walk the streets of gold
Homblen I been told
Made up in my mind
Nobody cab turn me around
Even is the place
Where I wanna be
Looking to get there

Race I'm running
Working hard to get there
Even tho folk keep on talking
But I gotta keep on walking
Never see my mommas face
Until I get there

[Chorus 2x]

Heaven I wanna get there [3x] yeah yeah yeah [8x]