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The Clark Sisters lyrics

Smile, God Loves You

Hey you over there sitting on the stairs
Seems that no one cares looking in despair
Feeling a little lonely go to God in prayer
Something on your mind with me you share

Smile, God loves you I do to [2x]
Friend till the end in him you can depend

Over in Africa famine in the land
Lack of food and shelter help is on the way
All the little children crying and suffering
Mothers and fathers broken hearted is there one who cares?


Don't hold your head down don't make your face frown [4x]
Smile tell God about your problems they soon be over
Smile tell God about your problems he's gonna solve them

Smile, God loves you [4x]
Wipe those tears from your eyes
Lift your head up to the sky
Gods on your side God is standing by [2x]