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Edo G lyrics


I'm too powerful, you horrible
Ain't nothing sweet, cute, neat, adorable
It's deplorable, I get to scream like claw of food
The order's food so I throw an audible
Hey, I'm sorta ill, homie, you better chill
You get a head of scheme and ahead of steel
The letter's real, Ed is real
You feeling like the driver, take the steering wheel
I've been smart, you've been dumb and then some
I turn outcome into income
You lose some, you win some, I'm at the win, son
Or the windom, head coach you intrum
Hey, you filling in, Edo's ill again
For them dividends, on my own I kill again
The ground I broke, dog, you just drilling in
This is hardcore rap, ain't nothing feminine
Edo's incredible, he ride in style, allegeable
New England safety, James a head of bull
I never step foot on a pedestal
Blew once, second time inevitable
Caught the pain, fought the fame
This game will lend you an umbrella
Take it back when it starts to rain
And I don't floss for birds, never at a loss for words
This that and the third, haven't you heard?
My verbs never slurred, preferred the absurd
Till money is transferred
You unheard young bird
When beef gets stirred, you get bullied like young Burk
I throw a new pitch, thugs do snitch
Gangstas played out, smart's the new rich

Nigga, hah