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Engorged lyrics

The Thing


From beyond the stars it came
Trapped beneath the ice
Dirmant waiting to be found
To awaken and attack!

A dogs chased through the snow
As bullets fall from the sky
Members if the camp not knowing
Why that dog had to die

Trouble in the kennel
Tentacles rip and tear
What once looked like a dog
is now a massive bloody beast

With riffles and flamethrowers
Put that fucker in its place
Throw it on a table
Dissect its ugly face

Lacerate! Obliterate!
You can't escape the tentacles exploding from
The Thing!
Dominate, to duplicate your race

Mutilate! Eviscerate!
Burn it, stab it, shoot it if you can...
Annihilate this fucking thing from space

There's no escape from The Thing!


Tie the others down
Test the blood with a hanger burning hot
Watch it sizzle and steam - or watch it jump up
and run
'Cuz it's one of those things!

Who can you trust now?
When everyone is insane with fear

The Thing has escaped - the generators down
No power, no heat, only it can survive
Tome to destroy it with kerosene and flame
Before it can be discovered again

There's no escape from The Thing!