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Gord Bamford lyrics

Politically Incorrect

I drive an S.U.V.
But I don't mind those smaller cars
I'm always watching where they are
Even when they cut in front of me

And I think about that war
And I know which side that I'm on
Right is right and wrong is wrong
It's been that way all down through history
I guess I should admit I'm just a little bit

Politically incorrect I've got my own opinions
But I don't force them on no one
Politically incorrect
What you see is what you get
I was born that way I can't help it
That's just me can't you tell it
I'm proud to say that no one's changed me yet
I'm politically incorrect

I like to hunt and fish
But I know what my limit is
Sometimes I just shoot and miss
So there's no use in coming down on me

And I treat a lady right
I hold doors and I say ma'am
Hey that's just the way I am
Lots of guys I know are just like me

I guess I should admit
I'm just a little bit

[Repeat Chorus]