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Gord Bamford lyrics

Raise The Bar

The band was rockin' not a seat in the room
Some guy got up and I and I made my move
Can't believe he left that pretty girl all alone
So I sat down, said howdy mam
And I'm still right here where I am
Ain't going nowhere even though I'm dry as a bone, so

Raise the bar bring it over here
From where I'm sitting can't reach my beer
Cause I've got cute girl whispering in my ear
I knew when I first saw her face
If I get up I'm gonna lose my place
Raise the bar, bring it over here

Rip it up from the floor nails and all
But don't spill a drop of that alcohol
Move the party to this side of the room
And if someone has a problem with that
They can come on over to where we're at
As long as they drag their own barstool

[Repeat chorus]


[Repeat chorus]

Yeah you can raise the bar (raise the bar)
Raise the bar (raise the bar)
Raise the bar, bring it over here