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Gord Bamford lyrics

The Watering Hole

There ain't a whole lot of places
For people round here to go
But when the work week's done
We're bound to have some fun
Down at the watering hole

Population seven hundred
Is all this little town can hold
But Friday night I swear
They're all right here
Hanging at the watering hole

It ain't a watering hole for horses
Or a place where people go to swim
Though there's a sign that says no fishin'
No telling what you might reel in
Yea a jukebox and a dance floor
The wings are hot and the beer is cold
The night is always young when you're having fun
Down at the watering hole

Hey that old bartender I bet he's seen it all
He's seen grown men cry
And girls gone wild
And a few good bar room brawls
Saturday morning at the diner
There'll be a few good stories told
Like who's the fool
Who fell off his stool
Down at the watering hole

[Repeat Chorus]