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GunPlay lyrics

Criminology (Freestyle)

Back on the streets of Bogota
Back on the streets of Bogota
Where life is worth 25 cent
That's 1 bullet
Look out

First of all dog, ye it's loaded hold on
I could spot a sucker on sonar
Kush bud longer than the chromes are
My real life realer than my songs are
White bitch booty flash slap bronze on
Dj, pogul I'm a trojan
Where my clothes are,
Another mali and I'm out of this sore zone
Lights camera show's on
No miles on the o dome, no none
Roll guitar blizzard no confront
Smoke some, cote some, snort some
She a good girl but I made her wholesome
Watch a player play rollies on both arms
Watch men inform like vouch on
Mick Dope get you pouch on
Low life get your roach on
I'ma coach y'all
Hold up,hold up,hold up
Hey Jupiter J holla at these niggers
I'm a hero was a kid on skid road
Slee slow, drive by here we go
Push a nigga way back to a year ago
Where the tattoo tear drop where it go
Just look for the blood stain there you go
Where the birds where the parrot go
My revolver's a merry go
Increasing the odds on your burial
Over a stereo, top dollar emporio cheerios
Yea you a pussy nigga period
Holla bitch ass nigga, call another bitch ass nigga
A bitch ass nigga, silly really though
Rolling with snakes skate with antidotes
So much fish scale sun, the whole banana boat
If one get hit still geronimo
Now who wanna swim down piranha roll


You knwo I'm feelin, you know I'm feelin murda shit right
you know that right, now Frodo
you know that right, hey look it out
fresh up in that pant, rose do em that alli wash the back board shatter
and some Jack boy chatter
this a beef stand intervene with automatics
knock a lame right off the latter and laugh out
police know it that I'm ducking

bitch you know it that I'm bucking
this pussy niggas mine, time to blowin up their covers
taking all their bitches
fucking all their mother just to rolex in my rubbers
rich, angry, military issue banger
nigga you'll be rapping tough in them..