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GunPlay lyrics

Ion Beg

My niggas all dying, all these hoes lying
Rap niggas fake, broke niggas crying
I give my left nut to see a rap nigga frying
Pose for the hoes I gotta think of dying
Niggas wanna see me in the bink without a thing
They wanna see me fall without a rink
Wanna see me in the winter, without a mink
Wanna see my eyes closed without a blink
Well fuck you and your kin then
Pop my collar and rev my engine
Big bag of dope and I'm bout to go binging
Throw a cocaine convention
I gotta chill, I got a deal now
So I can't kill niggas over stare downs
But over money niggas know not to play around
You a killa me too we both hell bound
They wanna know my unknown whereabouts
They ain't happy till they know I'm in the jail house
But telling is a line I wont dare cross
We all know life just a mere cost
Don't let me do it to him dear lord
My nigga it's whatever I done fail off

I don't beg or pardon or mercy