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Her Bright Skies lyrics

Red Head Suicide


keep on dancing, baby
all night long
count the days 'til
it's all gone

do you still taste me on your lips?
can you even feel at all?
"the bottle saved me" is what she said
you don't know how wrong you are

i got one thing left to say
now watch me throw it all away
and you'll remember

when every step just feels so right
i'm not coming back
right now you feel okay
but the charades will start all over
(over again)
can you see me slip away?
we're dead and gone
that's what i told her
(i told her)

"am i still dreaming?"
"is this real?"
try and make some sense of it
don't you forget what makes you strong
it's not me you're waiting on

now i've got the chance
to break away and be free
i'm outta here!

this is the countdown
we're taking this too far
this is how it's gonna be
will you ever let me go?