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Ja Rule lyrics

Pain Is Love

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus 2x]
Love don't love me
Is the only thing that seems to hold me
God can you explain why

[1st Verse]
I sit alone, in my four cornered room, starin' at candles
Gettin' hot tryin' to handle
This hand that's been dealt to me
I don't need
In this world overwhelmed with greed
Cut from a different tree
Y'all niggaz hope, and I wish nigga would, fuck with I-N-C
Went through the troubles
And the struggle
Of hustlin'
And runnin'
So the ones that come behind, don't run from nothin'
They would fear no man, but God can do a lot of frontin'
And I'm here to tell the world, that pain is lovin'
Like when I die, I hope it rains
'Cuz if it does, that mean that the lord shared them niggaz pain
Here lie our man slain
And I would get out the game
If I could
But I promised all my life to my kids, I'd make good
Can't stand my father
And love my mama
Still I try
God can you explain why

[Chorus 2x]

[2nd Verse]
I live my life under the pistol
'Cuz lately, love ain't been a issue
With who's gon' miss you?
When you dead and gone?
Will my name live on?
Or will I be the last to die and breathe
And eat?
'Cuz I need a little love and affection
And baby I live like every day was my last one
Pain, I've been livin' my life...haha, yea
Like I'ma leave this world unmarked
Smiles combed to horror
For all them days
When it rains
And it feels like things
Ain't gettin' no better for me
Nobody loves me
Sometimes I wish God, could come down and hug me
And wipe these tears from my eyes
'Cuz in my heart, I know only the strong survive
And I die for my family, So they can live a better life
I try
God can you explain why

[Chorus 2x]

[3rd Verse]
I'll sacrifice my life, fuck all the dumb shit
'Cuz bein' black and broke's gettin' redundant
My grow to be a world leader like, X and King
If I can live a little longer than, Pac and Big
What do river for us niggaz run red?
You could tell by the lives we lead
If it changes, it'll be God's prediction
So pain inflicted
Like Jane's Addiction
Live right like Christians
But dance with the death
It's like callin' stones a Devil
The road is unlevel
Still I walk through the valleys of shadows of death
Gaspin' for air, breathe in my last breath
And my daughter told me her first words, my son walk his first steps
And all through life we anticipate death
And if pain is truly love, for my family I die
God can you explain why

[Chorus 2x]