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Kris Kristofferson lyrics

A Moment Of Forever lyrics
A Song I'd Like To Sing lyrics
Aguila Del Norte lyrics
Anthem '84 lyrics
Back In My Baby's Arms lyrics
Back In My Baby's Arms Again lyrics
Bad Love Story lyrics
Bandits Of Baverly Hills lyrics
Best Of All Possible Worlds lyrics
Between Heaven And Here lyrics
Bigger The Fool (the Harder The Fall) lyrics
Billy Dee lyrics
Blame It On The Stones lyrics
Blessing In Disguise lyrics
Blue As I Do lyrics
Border Lord lyrics
Born To Love Me lyrics
Bread For The Body lyrics
Breakdown (a Long Way From Home) lyrics
Broken Freedom Song lyrics
Burden Of Freedom lyrics
Casey's Last Ride lyrics
Castaway lyrics
Chase The Feeling lyrics
Closer To The Bone lyrics
Come Sundown lyrics
Crippled Crow lyrics
Crossing The Border lyrics
Daddy's Song lyrics
Dakota (the Dancing Bear) lyrics
Darby's Castle lyrics
Devil To Pay lyrics
Don't Cuss The Fiddle lyrics
Don't Let The Bastards (Get You Down) lyrics
Down To Her Socks lyrics
Duvalier's Dream lyrics
Eagle And The Bear lyrics
Easter Island lyrics
Easy Come On lyrics
Easy, Come On lyrics
Eddie The Eunuch lyrics
El Coyote lyrics
El Gavilan (The Hawk) lyrics
Enough For You lyrics
Epitaph (Black And Blue) lyrics
Everything's Beautiful (in Its Own Way) lyrics
Fallen Angel lyrics
Feeling Mortal lyrics
Fighter lyrics
Final Attraction lyrics
For The Good Times lyrics
Forever In Your Love lyrics
From Here to Forever lyrics
From The Bottle To The Bottom lyrics
Gettin' By, High And Strange lyrics
Give It Time To Be Tender lyrics
Golden Idol lyrics
Good Christian Soldier lyrics
Good Love (Shouldn't Feel So Bad) lyrics
Good Morning John lyrics
Hall Of Angels lyrics
Happy Happy Birthday Baby lyrics
Hard To Be Friends lyrics
Heart lyrics
Help Me lyrics
Help Me Make It Through The Night lyrics
Here Comes That Rainbow Again lyrics
Hero lyrics
Holy Creation lyrics
Holy Woman lyrics
Hoola Hoop lyrics
How Do You Feel (About Foolin' Around) lyrics
How Do You Feel About Foolin' Around lyrics
I Fought The Law lyrics
I Got A Life Of My Own lyrics
I May Smoke Too Much lyrics
I Never Cared For You lyrics
I'd Rather Be Sorry lyrics
I'll Take Any Chance I Can With You lyrics
I'm Down (But I Keep Falling) lyrics
I'm Down, But I Keep Falling lyrics
I've Got A Life Of My Own lyrics
I've Got To Have You lyrics
If It's All The Same To You lyrics
If You Don't Like Hank Williams lyrics
If You Don't Like Hank Williams (kiss My Ass) lyrics
In The News lyrics
It Sure Was (Love) lyrics
It's All Over (All Over Again) lyrics
It's All Over, All Over Again lyrics
It's Never Gonna Be The Same Again lyrics
Jesse Jackson lyrics
Jesse Younger lyrics
Jesus Was A Capricorn lyrics
Jody And The Kid lyrics
Johnny Lobo lyrics
Josie lyrics
Just Suppose lyrics
Just The Other Side Of Nowhere lyrics
Killer Barracuda lyrics
Killing Time lyrics
Kiss The World Goodbye lyrics
Last Time lyrics
Late Again (Gettin' Over You) lyrics
Law Is For Protection Of The People lyrics
Lay Me Down (And Love The World Away) lyrics
Let The Walls Come Down lyrics
Lights Of Magdala lyrics
Little Girl Lost lyrics
Little Things lyrics
Living Legend lyrics
Long Way From Home lyrics
Love Don't Live Here Anymore lyrics
Love Is The Way lyrics
Love Of Money lyrics
Lover Please lyrics
Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) lyrics
Loving Her Was Easier (than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) lyrics
Loving You Was Easier lyrics
Lucky In Love lyrics
Magdalene lyrics
Mal Sacate lyrics
Mama Stewart lyrics
Maybe You Heard lyrics
Me & Bobby McGee lyrics
Me And Bobby McGee lyrics
Mean Old Man lyrics
Michoacan lyrics
Moment Of Forever lyrics
My Heart Was The Last One To Know lyrics
New Game Now lyrics
New Mister Me lyrics
Nobody Loves Anybody Anymore lyrics
Nobody Wins lyrics
Not Everyone Knows lyrics
Number One lyrics
Once More With Feeling lyrics
One For The Money lyrics
Out Of Mind Out Of Sight lyrics
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight lyrics
Part Of Your Life lyrics
Pilgrim Chapter 33 lyrics
Pilgrim's Progress lyrics
Ping Pong lyrics
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends lyrics
Prisoner lyrics
Promise lyrics
Prove It To You One More Time Again lyrics
Put It Off Until Tomorrow lyrics
Rain lyrics
Rainbow Road lyrics
Ramblin' Jack lyrics
Rescue Mission lyrics
Risky Bizness lyrics
Risky Business lyrics
Road Warrior's Ament lyrics
Road Warrior's Lament lyrics
Rock And Roll Time lyrics
Rocket To Stardom lyrics
Sabre And The Rose lyrics
Sam's Song (Ask Any Working Girl) lyrics
Same Old Song lyrics
Same Old Songs lyrics
Sandinista lyrics
Seadream lyrics
Shadows Of Her Mind lyrics
Shake Hands With The Devil lyrics
Shandy (The Perfect Disguise) lyrics
Shipwrecked In The Eighties lyrics
Shipwrecked In The Ighties lyrics
Silver (The Hunger) lyrics
Silver Mantis lyrics
Silver Tongued Devil And I lyrics
Sister Sinead lyrics
Slouching Toward The Millenium lyrics
Slouching Toward The Millennium lyrics
Slow Down lyrics
Smile At Me Again lyrics
Smokey Put The Sweat On Me lyrics
Snakebit lyrics
Somebody Nobody Knows lyrics
Someone Loves You Honey lyrics
Song I'd Like To Sing lyrics
Spooky Lady's Revenge lyrics
Stagger Mountain Tragedy lyrics
Stairway To The Bottom lyrics
Stallion lyrics
Star Spandgled Bummer (Whores Die Hard) lyrics
Star Spangled Bummer (whores Die Hard) lyrics
Star-Crossed lyrics
Star-Spangled Bummer (Whores Die Hard) lyrics
Starlight & Stone lyrics
Stranger lyrics
Stranger I Love lyrics
Sugar Man lyrics
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down lyrics
Sunday Morning Coming Down lyrics
Sweet Susannah lyrics
Taker lyrics
Tell Me One More Time lyrics
Thank You For A Life lyrics
The Bandits Of Beverly Hills lyrics
The Best Of All Possible Worlds lyrics
The Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall) lyrics
The Bigger The Fool, The Harder The Fall lyrics
The Burden Of Freedom lyrics
The Devil To Pay lyrics
The Eagle And The Bear lyrics
The Eye Of The Storm lyrics
The Fighter lyrics
The Final Attraction lyrics
The Golden Idol lyrics
The Heart lyrics
The Hero lyrics
The Junkie And The Juicehead, Minus Me lyrics
The Lady's Not For Sale lyrics
The Last Thing To Go lyrics
The Last Time lyrics
The Law Is For Protection Of The People lyrics
The One You Chose lyrics
The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 lyrics
The Pilgrim; Chapter 33 lyrics
The Prisoner lyrics
The Promise lyrics
The Sabre And The Rose lyrics
The Show Goes On lyrics
The Silver Tongued Devil And I lyrics
The Silvertongued Devil And I lyrics
The Stallion lyrics
The Stranger I Love lyrics
The Taker lyrics
The Things I Might Have Been lyrics
The Year 2000 Minus 25 lyrics
The Year 2003 Minus 25 lyrics
They Killed Him lyrics
Things I Might Have Been lyrics
Third World War lyrics
Third World Warrior lyrics
This Old Road lyrics
To Beat The Devil lyrics
Under The Gun lyrics
We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds lyrics
What About Me lyrics
What Do You Think About Lovin' lyrics
What'cha Gonna Do lyrics
Whatcha Gonna Do lyrics
When Are You Ever Gonna Learn lyrics
When I Loved Her lyrics
When She's Wrong lyrics
Whiskey Whiskey lyrics
Whiskey, Whiskey lyrics
Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame lyrics
Why Me lyrics
Wild American lyrics
Worth Fighting For lyrics
Year 2000 Minus 25 lyrics
You Don't Tell Me What To Do lyrics
You Left Me A Long Long Time Ago lyrics
You Show Me Yours (And I'll Show You Mine) lyrics
You'll Always Have Someone lyrics
You're Gonna Love Yourself (in The Morning) lyrics
You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning lyrics