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Mr. Shadow lyrics

Me and My Shadow

[Mr. Shadow]
Tonight is the night that I come out and play with all my foes
Dismissing hollow points now you're all ghost
Just like Casper, I'm the master of these shadows
Ain't no puppets in the mix, just a bag of tricks
Sticks and stone, may break your bones
But rhymes and microphones be unloaded like a chrome
Leave it alone or break yourself fool, what were you thinking
I'm here to make the paper, Mr. Shadow's never slipping
When I'm dippin, I got your blinking like a signal
I'm making money like casino running stakes like Al Pachino
With this lyrical momentous, it's tremendous
Inflicting massive pain, people say that it's relentless
When I let the trigger pull and this barrel starts to shoot
All this flows to your dome I known when I loot
Who am I, this vato right behind ya ready to blind ya
You can diss me and you can hide but you know I'm gon find ya

It's me and my shadow
Creeping through your hood
With these points that be hollow
Playa hatas know
The truth is hard to swallow
Imitadors know
It's me they like to follow

[Mr. Shadow]
Second time around on this track
Striking fools like desert storm
Making them stroke like heart attacks
It's that one unfadable loco bustin raps at a show
Now you know, when I flow, that I roll
On my own, and I hold it to the end when I flow like a river
Lyrical I deliever body blows to the liver make quiver
Cause I viscious and milscious like a demon
Like Freddy got ya screamin cause I creeping when you're dreamin
Hear people yelling my name when I'm roamin where you dwell
I'm evil like Kenvil casting lyrics like a spell
You jingle like a bell cause you know I'm always with you
You're fruadgulant like Milli and Vanilli I dismiss you
Now if you want to dance throw your hands up in the sky
And if you want to battle can you handle fattal rhymes
But if you never trip and you like them gangster hits
Make it dark like an eclipse
So clutch your fist and give a grin


[Mr. Shadow]
Once again here I am and I'm all up in the scene
It's that loked out Shadow tearing up the M I C
Like a page like a gauge I'm unloading all my lryics
I'm roamin through your hood like if I was a spirt
Can you hear it, the sound of the cannon when it blows
Like the Legend of ?Breaking The Woods? I'm the one who really knows
All my foes out to get me but they miss me when they fire
Now I'm all up on ya gotcha singin like the choir
My desire is to rock, all the crowds I leave them shocked
And you know that I don't stop, cause I'm rising to the top
Got my weapon ready, down to spit like a camel
My mind is the clip and my lyrics by the ammo
Like Enamle got you covered with no where to run
The fat lady song, but the party just begun
It ain't over til I'm done, when I'm gone then I'm through
I get wicked like a demon and I get sick like the flu