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Shredhead lyrics

New Order

Across the fence we see their face with eyes that tear with hate
Mad at nonexistent foes, hell should be their fate
The other side yells cries of fear, they tried to help, they tried to hear
But still they're dead without a head not even able to she'd tears

Lets go!

Like animals they gorge our flesh
Wanting land a bit more fresh
The cost is blood but they don't care
Their god is great, who needs to share
I will not take this anymore this thing has got to stop
Pick up your guns and aim them well, aim them for the top
Kill the lions! Skin the wolves! Hang their heads on walls!
Kill the bastards! Kill them kill! Until we're safe, us all

Lets go!

Like prey they pick us one by one
They want us to be dead and gone
Like mother bear protect we will
Even if we need to kill

Need to kill!

We will not stand by and watch
This demise of a civilization
There will be no more dehumanization
We take charge a new order arises


New Order!