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Sloan lyrics

Someone I Can Be True With

Oh where should I start?
She's sensitive and smart
That's not my favourite part and

Oh you won't forget
The beautiful brunette
With eyes of chocolate

And I don't know what you're used to
But I can't go back I refuse to

Oh and she loves me now
She's trying to show me how
But my mind is never open

I hope it works out well
Some days it can be hell
But it's a hell I have a hope in

And I don't know what that has to do with
She's someone to to hear Husker Du with
And someone to wait in the ques with
And someone to hate all things new with
She's someone to watch Gremlins 2 with
And someone to not watch The View with
And someone to laugh in the pew with
And someone I can be true with