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Twice Born lyrics


So many times we forget the love of God,
the power of His name and the healing that it brings.
I want to live in the presence where He gives salvation to all,
to those who call upon His name.

I call upon Jesus.
I call upon You.
I call upon Jesus.
I call upon You.

Holy God, merciful benevolent, Almighty Savior, Creator I repent.
Loving kindness forgiving me of all my sins.
Eternal Father I call on you again.

Holy Spirit comfort me within.
With your Spirit fill me up again.

This is what I live for.
This is where I am.
This is where I want to be, safe in your hands.
Jesus my redeemer, help me understand.
Show me how to live a life that Glorifies you name.

I confess love.
I profess boldness.
I take a stand for your name.
And I know that I'll never be the same.