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Vado lyrics

Bed Piss

He pee in the bed
He pee in the bed nigger

I'm putting aquaduct counting paper bread'a
Slay members on fresh as a Panamera scare'a
Goals ... roaches in the cockpit
300 rows in my watch 600 rows in my cock
I won't stop dick magnetize five series wait till the nines come out
They say Mr. ... we found Clary's
Jungle scramblers stone scaner
Playing ball dammit for crack
We won't be playing like that
Through some fire starter
When niggers be walk niggers be yelling seen me talk
Five star plastic bullet proof ...
Kruger's we the winners
Rock a thick sweater and a Guinness
Dry color rockets and a pen in our pockets
Fly hundred dollar sleeves and skinny jeans is you stupid
Cupid arrow poison pissing at pistol with your momma
You cute little dog you're piranha

Hold the fuck up man
Flag's bag chill
Aint body getting paid man
Aint body will fucking eat man
You know what I'm saying nigger's about to rhyme

Hey yo Raek what's the deal it's a one shot we can have it all
Bring it in ourselves and cut '?em up like a catalog
Move yeay back in the day like a Tylenol
Bumpy Johnsons and ... with the alcohol
What's the status done automatics bum
Like ... quarter of a jersey and we pad it son
Cap '?em down any time we get cabbage from
When the ... won I was celebrating in Paris drunk
Mark Cubans cigar Cubans on the roof for ... sharp shooters
When Nino was running that shit was smart moving
Start shooting five ninety nine ...
Seat back my man wrote you for what you pack
Keep working the pock I aint working with sky rack
Laying pool side rolling purple up to relax
My worker eat black