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Vado lyrics

On Da Spot

Pardon, my nigga, but I control this
Asking my nigga what hand he roll with
Paper normally brown, today is white, though
Niggas normally clowns without the bright nose
Pardon, my nigga, my money been long
Red carpet, my nigga, 100 men strong
They know I could do it, Manny, Versace, Well
Call a jeweler, hit Avianne or Rafael
100 for y'all ball out of weed around
Ciroc toast in style, we La Marine about
Every blunder's a godfather, we keep a pound
Watch the numbers, ain't ball parking then bring it down
Pardon, my nigga, me and my queen high
Both dragging chinchilla, sitting in that ring side
Black suit, bowtie minus the bean part
Got peas for 35 years, them things fly