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Vado lyrics

On His Own

Man, my whole life I've been here
If I don't do this, if I don't do that,

Get it to the back,
To the back,
Keep it going cause now isn't funny,
But his lifestyle is out on his own, here
Out on his own here
Out on his own here
Out on his own here
Get on the side!
On the side,
In case your pop is fucked,
You're keeping the rock soft,
Cause he knows he's out on his own here!
Out on his own here!

Fitted to the back, I match blue Yankee,
This dudes they do hate me,
You thank me, cause I 'm you what you ain't me
I'm the best witty, so let's get it, [?]
Fill it!
I ain't got time to stress,
Give me?
I heard you are spinning to impress witty.
Drive by the apartment
And seen that rich on the balcony kissing on that girl like God bishop,
No time to shoot.
I'm still a flat nigger,
I live in a public mansion,
My mortgage is far biggest.
Vado, your boy is out on his own here,
For dues, crime square, we get it on here.
Sure he wants a crime, but he can't stand here,
[?] treat a black like ten shits.


This ain't man,
I'm getting paper now,
I could get you cleaned up quick, like paper town
Ha, I got that [?] to the gate where I live,

Fuck her, [?]
I keep [?] my song with a few new starters,
I'm getting money out of dollars,
So we don't have to walk out in the club and call silence,

[?] my bitch comes uninvited,
My door man won't let her up.
They rather see me down instead of above,


Yeah, I'm in the class all by myself,
Sixty-five ex class all by myself,
I come with cash all by myself,
Two girls, one mess, all by myself,
My [?] bag all by myself,
And pass and see [?] all by myself.
Don't make me take the [?] of myself,
Cause I'm a gee like the Gucci style all by myself,