Infinite Lyrics
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Vado lyrics


My mama didn't know but if you kick out of house
Where I should go?
Was sunny with the snow
That means my mama pride when I fine to glow
How wouldn't know I was the mean nigga
Men put me on the ship me and my chain bigger
Make my name bigger, how could I look wrong
When you're winning a hustle you was put on
'I'm the one how is put on
And you can learn how to earn and put your hood on
What you did you did the obvious
Me, cross over like you're oppose
Keep it both'
We ride in it '
It's like the killer be kill how decided in
What up nigga, I mean what's up nigga
You acting like we ain't never what's up nigga
Talk crap like we ain't giving a fuck nigga
They turn my the back nigga and you aint' giving a fuck nigga
All good men we focus up
That ain't in the hood must be broken up
A lot of rapper sleap good but they woken up
My too guns'.
My whole '.was to get '
Skip the 'just t get '
Remember yellow 'let me '
Straight check ..never chase the most
If you won't feel well we can shake it up
'for a faking house
What's up '
You don't know me
'floor window like you think they really won't me for win
They say I'm good but win no
Like walking out the window from a hotel room
'.while I'm sitting back
Acting with my right hand should I get it back
Thinking of a plan just a simple trap
Remember '.
You know my rules high out know the middle traps