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Vado lyrics

Take That Off

My ' Collin's driving, I hold around
I just stop play, I just stop play, I'm throwin off,
.. booties ..walk
.. and ain't gonna drop with me,
These .. down down pretty round
Let the .. round after rond
Shawty .. everywhere

Duffle bag so zippin'
Pink a .. switch drivin'
Play the stage cup livin'
What about the forth women with me
Couple bitch slow .. and that's your man, go with 'em
I need a part to go get em, every cause we don't ..
And my half back be snatch back
Black tea with them black shot,
That's me if I half stack,
I hear more I smack crack,
Cute fees I'm strat flex, more of .. beg more half max
Just 21 up in the black Jack,
Kanyo no ..

' let's freeze
'. Man I ..

Miami cruising, they count it
Collin' driving, I hold around
I just stop it, I'm throwin off,
.. booty niggas up,
Take that off, take that off
.. and drop with me this my part
Down down pretty round there
.. round after round shawty throw up everywhere

Hey .. still be frontin on ..
Hop out it no white ears,
.. be track like I verify,
Quit the buck like I don't care,
I pull the onion till I'm terry on,
With the Jane I'm Mary ..
Fucking truth when I have a lot
Take that off, take that off
My nigga quit to let that off
.. in the air like I had all,
Put I'm trapped off, to really bags to .. off
.. bitch you kiss when you stop off
Free to sick like to back off


.. baby conscious we're staring
Try leave with .. can't get down what we're wearing
Bring the onion we airing
Just think the fowls ex sharing
These bitches round me they staring,
Hopped in I go crazy, I'm swearin' .. lazy
I'm six saggin' that M6, automatic restriction,
.. wanna quick fix, I told the grab to get a quick lick
I'm pulled up with my .. and I'm one I like slick rick,