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Vanilla Ice lyrics

Never wanna be without you

[Verse 1]
Love at first sight and I recite
Feelings in my heart, I hope that we will never part
You are the girl for me and I wanna see
You and me together, Baby I'll leave you never
Heartfelt emotions and desires, I'm on fire
Your love can take me higher
After this you know that I'll never, Ever doubt you
Cause sweetheart, I never wanna be without you

Never wanna be without you, never, no
I never wanna be
I never wanna be without you, never, no

[Verse 2]
I never had a love affair like this
I wanna kiss your lips, hold on tight to your hips
Press your body real close, close than most
And every glass I'm gonna, to raise a toast
To our love and every moment we shared
And all the times you showed me that you cared
I love everything aout you and baby love
I never wanna be without you


Every time I think of you I get a rush
I wanna touch you very softly, Can't you tell?
You're the one for me and you will always be
Our love will reach further than the eye can see
Cause I never..