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Vanilla Ice lyrics


You want bring me down, You Can not. You
will not, You want to play me out. You can not.
You will not. Throw dirt when I'm down, You can
not. You will not, If you try stop me now. You
can not. You will not, Persevere, What don't kill
you makes you stronger,

Persevere, from trailer to white collar
Persevere, Let the hate bulid you up

And don't give a fuck. I will survive pressures
of life. I Won't deny I didn't want this life, If
problems arise, cut'em down to size, I will
survive and immortalize.

Hard times, you can lose your mind sometimes.
Hard times leavin the crimes to life Enes.
Hard times expecting the blind to lead the blind
Hard times look in the mirror and hate what you find

But why, pick up your brains, walk through the storm,
Hard times, really keepin it raw.
Fight back mind over matter attack,
Don't slack Program your mind back on track.